New Middleton Lodge #249
​Free and Accepted Masons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Masonry a religion? No. Every applicant must express a belief in a Supreme Being to whom all men are accountable but no particular religious affiliation is required.

  • When did Masonry start? Informally Masonry started many centuries ago, but formally it began in 1717 in London England.

  • Are there Masons in other countries? There are about 6 million Masons worldwide.

  • How many Masons are there in the USA? There are about 2.5 Million Masons in the USA. 

  • How many Masons are there in Tennessee? There are about 31,730 Tennessee Masons.

What is a Free Mason? 

“I think my grandfather was one, but I’m not sure what it means.”

“Yeah, my dad and uncle both used to go to Masonic meetings–I remember Uncle Fred coming by to pick him up. But I don’t know where they went or what they did. “

“I think they wear those funny hats.”

“I remember when I went away to college, my father showed me his ring and told me, if I ever needed help, I should look for a man with a ring like that and tell him I was the daughter of a Mason, but he never told me much about it.”

What is Freemasonry? A fraternity of men dedicated to building the moral character of its members and the preservation of personal freedom.